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The section Exhibitions and events online, created during the closing period of the museums, guides the visitor on an exploration journey through the video stories of the organisers.

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EXHIBITION Vis-à-vis. Tenerani Spina. Dialogo in immagini

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Twenty-five sculptures by Pietro Tenerani, some exhibited for the first time, reinterpreted through Luigi Spina's evocative photographs, for a long-distance dialogue between sculpture and photography.

EXHIBITION Klimt. La Secessione e l’Italia

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With the exhibition Klimt. La Secessione e lʼItalia the Austrian artist returns to Rome, where 110 years ago, after participating with a solo room at the 1910 Venice Biennale, he was awarded a prize at the 1911 International Art Exhibition.

Klimt. The Secession and Italy | Female Portrait
An exceptional guide, the Capitoline Superintendent of Cultural Heritage Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, tells us about one of Gustav Klimt's most beautiful and realistic paintings on display at the Museum of Rome for the exhibition "Klimt. La Secessione e l'Italia" until 27 March 2022: the famous large-format 'Female Portrait', executed around 1894.

EXHIBITION Roma. Nascita di una capitale 1870-1915

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The exhibition covers a period of time that goes from the Porta Pia Opening to the First World War. Three main themes are developed through emblematic episodes that illustrate, together with the historical events, the urban transformations and the new architecture of the new capital, in dialogue with the social and cultural changes.

EXHIBITION Per Gioco. La collezione dei giocattoli antichi della Sovrintendenza Capitolina

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Visit to the exhibition with Emanuela Lancinese and Enzo Pinci
A new video story for everyone, adults and children. Curator Emanuela Lancianese and architect Enzo Pinci guide us through the beautiful collection of antique toys from the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.

Colonne sonore di cartoni animati e sigle televisive
A Roma Tre Orchestra string quartet performs pieces that provide the perfect soundtrack to the exhibition Per Gioco. La collezione dei giocattoli antichi della Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali exhibition. As well as viewing images from the exhibition, we listen to cartoon theme songs and an unmissable Disney suite. The songs in the setlist: Listen to Cinderella, Beauty the Beast, Pinocchio, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Rapunzel - Gormiti - The Legend is Back - Fire Safety with Roy - Robocar Poli - Jurassic Word - Frozen - PJ Masks Super Pigamini - 44 Cats - Paw Patrol - Dragon Ball - Up - Christmas Suite. Directed and produced by Studio Cliche.

EXHIBITION Canova. Eterna bellezza

The exhibition Canova. Eterna Bellezza al Museo Roma. Eternal Beauty at the Museum of Rome. More than 170 works by Canova and some of his contemporaries enliven the rooms of the Museum with an exhibition that recounts in 13 sections the art of Canova and the context that the sculptor found when he arrived in Rome in 1779.
Visita con Maria Vittoria Clarelli
Capitoline Sovrintendente Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli takes us on a closed-door tour to discover Antonio Canova and his works.
Giuseppe Pavanello racconta la mostra Eterna Bellezza
When Canova arrived in Rome in 1779, he "lost his head" for the many classical works present in the city. Giuseppe Pavanello, the curator of the exhibition, tells us about it.
Giuseppe Pavanello racconta – Amore e Psiche
Giuseppe Pavanello, curator of the exhibition Canova. Eterna Bellezza, reveals the secrets of "Amore e Psiche stanti", a work defined as "platonic" by the artist himself. Pavanello also tells us about the skill of the "gessini", the skilled craftsmen who, under Canova's supervision, made this type of cast.
Giuseppe Pavanello racconta – Il Fauno Barberini
It was admired by Canova, who saw it in the gallery of Palazzo Barberini during his first stay in Rome, but the Barberini Faun was one of the most bitter defeats for the Venetian artist. Do you want to find out why? Exhibition curator Giuseppe Pavanello tells us in this video.
Giuseppe Pavanello racconta – La Maddalena penitente
Between the works on display in the exhibition Canova. Eterna Bellezza exhibition at the Museum of Rome until 15 March 2020, the "Penitent Magdalene" is certainly one of the most fascinating and mysterious. Unusually for the artist, the theme is a religious one, and here Antonio Canova creates a work with deliberately ambiguous boundaries, playing between the sacred and the profane, in the passionate rendering of the nude and, at the same time, a moving expression of religiosity. In the words of Giuseppe Pavanello, curator of the exhibition, let us listen to the story of what the Parisian critics of the time did not hesitate to define as "all daughter of the heart".