The Library of the Museum of Rome has a collection of approximately 7,000 volumes, for the modern section, concerning the subjects most represented in the Museum's collections, like art, history, town planning, and social, cultural and religious life in Rome between the 17th and 20th centuries.
The Library, located on the fourth floor of the Museum and available for reference by request, contains more than 3000 precious and specialized books about Rome, and a section dedicated especially just to the catalogues for the Palazzo Braschi exhibitions.
The room of the Document Centre and Library, in the entrance hall of Palazzo Braschi, contains another 3,000 titles of the library's heritage, organised in open sections and divided into Rome, Directory, Art and Artists.
Bibliographic and catalogue studies are supported by the presence of computer terminals reserved for the OPAC catalogue of the Roman and national SBN, and for the SIMART database of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.
The Library of the Museum of Rome offers services for a specific group of readers, services of orientation, reference, deposit, internal loans to the Department, the Document Management, gifts and exchanges, free of charge.
The Museum also has a large collection of Antique Books, historical magazines and newspapers about Roman subjects, available only by appointment with the authorized officer.

The Antique Books section contains about a thousand volumes, providing a detailed picture of the publishing production about Roman subjects from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The publications concern the topography, history, art, literature and customs of Rome: there are guides and histories of the city, studies about Roman antiques and antique studies, treaties about art and architecture.
The Section of Magazines includes a collection of journals with Roman (35 titles) and general topics (60 titles) and includes a collection concerning publishing rare books, like the Nuova Antologia (1878-), L'Almanacco Romano (1856-1858) and L'Esposizione Mondiale Roma 1885-1886.
The catalogue of ancient and modern bibliographic collections is carried out with the participation of the libraries belonging to SBN. The Library of the Museum of Rome belongs to the Municipality of Rome.

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